Stupid Cheap Pricing

It's 2023. Remote working is the new norm. We don't have overhead. Our prices are stupid cheap. You're welcome.

We can't believe how cheap it is either

If you're a small business and you're looking for custom process automation without shelling out $150 per hour for a developer to write "If statements", then our pricing is designed for you.

We charge a ONE-TIME COST of $500.00 to implement your process automation, whatever it is.

Example : You want to automatically place your event registrations into your accounting and/or email marketing software applications.

Looking for something else?

Let us know how we can better serve you. We can likely work something out.

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The Solopreneur

For the entrepreneur with 0 employees

  • One-Time cost waived for qualifying businesses
  • Must be a business with no employees
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs in Direct-To-Consumer businesses

The Mom-and-Pop

For small-to-medium businesses

  • You Define the Process, We Automate It, In Two Weeks or Less
  • You pay nothing until it's implemented
  • If we are unable to automate your process for any reason, you owe us nothing


Annual contracts are paid in full once per year

The Solopreneur

0 Employees

The Mom-and-Pop

Small-to-Medium sized businesses

Monthly price
Email / Ticket Support
Live Chat Support
System Admin Users 1 1
System Basic Users Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Space per DB 20 GB 20 GB
* Charges For Updates/Fixes NEVER NEVER
** New Process Automation Fee $100 $375
* We will never bill you to update existing process automation or fix any "bugs"

** This fee appplies ONLY to any new process automation implementation that you may request. It is NOT included in your annual support contract and is listed here only for reference.

Does not include, or assume responsibility for, existing software service fees